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What Our Clients Say

"I went from failing 3 exams to passing my final nursing exam with a 90%!!! I was skeptical at first but was willing to do anything to pass, and I did! I cannot thank [H3 Hypnosis] enough and I highly recommend trying (and repeatedly trying) hypnosis."

- Kathryn Taylor

"The process lasted about 30 minutes. I came out of the experience extremely relaxed and most importantly no longer biting on the inside of my cheek! I cannot thank Jenny enough."

- Tim McDonald

"I was at a very dark place in my life and was feeling hopeless... She allowed me to release many negative thought and habits and realize the my life was worth living. [Bonnie] is a treasure and I would not be where I am today without her."

- Anne Allen

"We had an amazing session, Bonnie took the time to get to know a little about who my child was and what was important to her and why. This put her at ease with the process before it even started. The issue that we were dealing with has almost completely disappeared and my child is feeling more confident and her self esteem has improved greatly since she has put her issue behind her. Bonnie was very professional , patient, and respectful of my little one. I would definitely recommend Bonnie and hypnosis if you are having an issue that you want to resolve, the pride my kiddo feels because she "fixed" her problem herself without medicine or scary "Dr type tests" is a blessing."

- Nicki Vanderveer

"I’ve been struggling for some time with stress and depression. I literally lost my joy. After visiting with Bonnie and some hypnosis sessions and lessons on meditating. I have once again found my happiness. Starting to like myself again. Much stronger! Thank you H3 Hypnosis! I love this feeling!"

- Robin Findley

"After doing some research I decided to start my learning with H3 Hypnosis. Bonnie and Kim were very informative and educated on the techniques of hypnosis. As I already had some training I wanted to find a place where I could further my education. I never thought I would enjoy stage hypnosis however, it has brought me the confidence in working with many clients. The training class is set in a lightly forest location away from the city. It gave me the experience of being at a faraway retreat which was very lovely. I am very content with what I have learned. I can’t wait to use my new skills in helping many clients in the near future. Thank you both for an amazing experience and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity."

- Heidi Wilson

"We had H3 Comedy Hypnosis for our Monday Evening Banquet, during the Iowa Pupil Transportation Association Conference and Trade Show. The evening entertainment included a H3 Comedy Hypnosis program that kept the audience on the edge of their seat smiling and laughing. H3 has a very enjoyable program and they even tailored it a little to school bus drivers. We would highly recommend them for all types of company events. Thank you to everyone at H3!"

- Chris Darling

"I could not be more grateful from my experience at H3Hypnosis. I am in nursing school and have struggled with testing anxiety, self worth, and various other issues through out my life. Kim Molloy not only made me feel safe and welcome, but provided a relaxing experience to help ease my mind before a major test. Prior to this experience, I was not aware of how many benefits hypnosis has. If you are struggling with anything from past trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, hypnosis l can help. I never thought that I would have such a positive result from this, but I can not thank Kim enough for helping me through such a difficult time. I highly recommend giving this a try!!!"

- Faith Wilson

"I recently completed the 100-hour hypnosis certification training taught by Bonnie and Kim. The small class size allowed them to provide personalized attention. They also provided guidance and feedback as we worked with our clients on practice days. Time spent with clients helped to reinforce concepts taught in class. Both Bonnie and Kim shared many things they learned from working with different clients. This information greatly enhanced the class."

- Lois DeWaard

"I was on the verge of failing my Nursing II class which would ultimately knock me out of my nursing program. My test anxiety was through the roof and it was having a major impact on my exam performance. I needed help getting my stress and test anxiety under control in the worst way and Kim helped me do just that through hypnosis. I met with Kim just as I was gearing up for final exams and it made all the difference in the world. I went into my exams feeling confident that I could pass and that I knew the material. I did pass and I have Kim and hypnosis to thank for it!"

- Leah Hill

"I have had one Reiki healing and one hypnotherapy session with Kim Molloy. Both sessions were very effective and personalized for my specific needs. Kim is very caring and compassionate, taking the time to listen and help me sort through what would best assist my healing needs. I will be returning. The location is beautiful and calming. Highly recommended."

- AJ Jones

"H2 Wellness Center is the best kept secret in Knoxville & I'm hoping to change that! This amazing women owned business have one goal & that's to help others heal. I have done Reiki, Hypnotherapy & Massage Therapy. Time does not matter to these wonderful ladies & want to make sure that you leave feeling better than when you came in. I have been recommending Holistic Health and Wellness center to others since my first visit! They are truly the most caring group of people I have encountered."

- Erin Burkhardt

"When in Bonnie's presence, you quickly realize what a great human, spiritual being, teacher, and mentor she is. I recommend Bonnie & the beautiful Holistic Health & Wellness Center to anyone needing healing to help potentially change their lives. That goes for anyone curious about holistic healing - take the step, reach out to Bonnie & learn more about the holistic services the center offers or schedule a Past Life Regression; you won't regret it!"

- Heather Landolt

"What a wonderful addition to our community. The center hosts various events throughout the year and has a dedicated, genuine and caring staff. I’ve underwent hypnotherapy with Bonnie and Melissa and have experienced many reiki and healing sessions with Michele. The space is absolutely beautiful and holds a very warm, welcoming energy. We are lucky to have a sacred, safe place like this in small town Iowa!"

- Jane Becker

"I recently completed the hypnosis certification class and it was amazing. Bonnie and Kim were great instructors and their personal experiences enhanced the class. After completing the class, I had the confidence to begin my new career. Their enthusiasm passion and compassion for helping people was the foundation of the class. If you are thinking about taking the class... don't hesitate."

- Linda Moyner

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