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Past-Life Regression

A past-life regression is a method of accessing memories of past lives through hypnosis regression. The technique can be used to better understand habits, behaviors, fears, talents, connections, unexplained ailments, and more.

What is Past Life Regression?

Many people believe that we do not live only one life and then die. Instead, it is believed that we live multiple lifetimes with each life helping us to experience different challenges, lessons and experiences to help us grow and advance our soul. Think of it like going to school in which we start at kindergarten and return each year to learn new things and advance to higher grades though the learning never stops. We choose to reincarnate into additional lifetimes. Just like subjects in school some lessons or lifetimes are very challenging while others are easier. In addition, sometimes things happen in school that we carry with us into the next grade or beyond such as effects of being bullied, winning a special award, a special connection with a person or activity, traumatic events or developing talents. The same is true for past lives, we carry over both positive and negative memories and experiences that affect us in our current lives. How do we know this? Take a moment to reflect. Is there certain time periods, cultures or places that resonate with you for no apparent reason? Have you ever visited somewhere and felt you’ve been there before? Do you have certain talents or know others who have talents that can’t be explained? Child prodigies are good examples of this. Have you met people that you seem to connect with the moment you meet them or you feel like you’ve known them? There are also many instances of people having illnesses or afflictions that can’t be medically explained.

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How Can a Past-Life Regression Help?

Some people try past life regression simply out of curiosity to see who they were in the past. But, for most, it’s a path for personal growth, healing and a way to gain understanding about current patterns, unexplained feelings and more in this life.

In your current life you may still feel unexplainable emotions of love, hate, rejection, or any
other emotion that relates to a past life. We call these past life “carryovers” and they can directly impact the life you are now living. Any strong affinity or aversion is a clue. Past life regression can help to:

  • Gain insight into current relationships

  • Resolve Karmic patterns of behavior

  • Resolve unexplained fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas

  • Release past-life traumas at the root of physical problems

  • Reduce fears around death and dying

  • Explain deep connections to people, places, cultures, or interests

  • Create understanding and alignment of  your life purpose

What to Expect from Your Appointment

When you schedule a past life regression session the hypnotist will meet with you to explain the process, discuss your experiences, expectations and, if doing the 4 hour session, review your list of questions. You will then relax in a reclining chair or on a massage table for comfort. You will be given headphones through which you will be able to hear the hypnotist speak to you and relaxing music. The headphones are not essential to conducting a session but we find that it makes for a more pleasant experience. Sessions typically last from 2-4 hours (see options).

During your session the hypnotist will guide you into a trance state. We cannot make anyone be hypnotized; you have to want it and allow it to happen. For this reason it’s important that you, the client, come with an open mind and that you don’t try to analyze your experience. If you
actively analyze the process while in session, you will only retard the impressions. Your mind is on a journey through your soul’s experiences of lifetimes. Let it travel freely. Analysis can wait until your session is finished, after you have collected all the data. So set your intentions before
and during your session to just allow yourself to relax, let go and enjoy the experience. 

When the hypnotist instructs you to step through the light into a past lifetime, you may experience one of several different reactions.

  •  You may see yourself quite clearly.

  •  You may see quick impressions.

  •  You may only seem to “know” without seeing.

  •  You may only see colors to start with

  •  You may not see anything, but feel as if someone is telling you what is happening.

Regardless of your initial reaction upon entering your own past, it’s important that you answer the hypnotist’s questions with your first thoughts, feelings and impressions. Trust the information coming through without analyzing it.

Another key is to talk. Talk freely and talk a lot. The more you share what you are experiencing the deeper into regression you go the clearer things become and the more information you will have access to. It’s also important to talk because the information you provide helps the
hypnotist to know where to guide you and what additional questions to ask.

Everyone experiences a past life regression in their own way. Often, those experiencing a regression for the first time might think they have “made up” their experience while in hypnosis or feel they have imagined all of it. However, those experiencing a past life are able to provide
greater knowledge and details than someone who would be simply “making it up”. You will have a deeper understanding about the events that are taking place in that life and be able to provide specific details that someone just imagining it would not be able to do. Some clients take
on the voice and mannerisms of who or what they were in that lifetime. Some also use vocabulary from that time period that is not typical of their current life. Feelings and emotions are also much more intense. You may cry as you re-experience deep sadness at the loss of a loved one, feel the weight of a heavy burden you are carrying or the overwhelming joy on your wedding day. You will seem to know things that you have no way of knowing. Then, over time, little things will begin to happen that slowly provide validation for what you experienced.

(4 hour sessions only) Once we’ve reviewed your past life/lives the hypnotist will then ask to connect to your higher self/consciousness. The Higher Self is described as an extension of yourself that is part of you and part of the Source—the ultimate higher power, the universal source of cosmic energy and knowledge. It is within us and links us to everything and everyone. Through it, we can access universal wisdom, knowledge and healing. The hypnotist will work with your Higher Self to get answers to your list of questions and also to conduct a body scan for healing.
Upon completion of your session the hypnotist will bring you out of hypnosis and conclude by reviewing your session with you. You may or may not remember fully the details of the session. However, the hypnotist is taking notes and/or recording your session and will review those with
you after the session. You may also gradually remember more details several days after. Allow yourself time to process the information and learn from it. If your session includes an audio recording, a link will be sent to you within a few days for you to download and listen to.

Session Options

Past-Life Regression - 2 Hours ($250)

  • May visit up to 3 past lives

  • Release negative "carry-overs," bring forth talents, recognize lessons and purpose

  • Review of session outcomes after session

  • Session recordings are not guaranteed and may vary among hypnotists; however, the client is always welcome to record the session on their device. 

Past-Life Regression + Higher Self Conversation -- 4 Hours ($450)

  • Client will be asked to come up with 15-20 questions, written longhand or typed and printed, to which they would like the answers

  • Prior to the session, the hypnotist will review the questions with the client to ensure understanding

  • May visit up to 3 past lives

  • Release negative "carry-overs," bring forth talents, recognize lessons and purpose

  • Connect with client's higher self/consciousness

  • Review and get answers from higher self/consciousness on list of questions

  • Conduct a body scan and healing with higher self/consciousness

  • Review session outcomes after session

  • Receive session audio recording


I went into my Past Life reading fully expecting lots of past turmoil, confusion and drama spewing from a few of my past lives. In fact, hoping for a little bit of fun in that area of my life! I was hoping for a “funner” side of me to show through, but instead what we found was a me that through the ages was pretty much the same “me” that I am now which I really cherish. Now I am not saying that if we didn’t go back farther, we wouldn’t find that person that I didn’t recognize. But my reading was so amazing!!!!

Let’s talk about Bonnie for a moment. When you walk into her space you immediately feel at home and welcomed, by her of course, but by the space itself! It is a wonderful grounding feeling. I hope that makes sense. She then talks to you and explains to you what will happen. It’s funny, she tells you that you just need to “keep talking”! And I have never really had a problem with that before, but walk in around in my Past Life I just wanted to look around and it was hard to talk because I was just wanting to take it all in!!! There was a lot to see you know! But Bonnie was amazing as she kept reminding me to “tell me what you see”. It was perfect. There were times it was very emotional during my reading, and I remember thinking “where did these immediate tears come from” then she would snap her fingers and they would stop. And I remember I was pointing all over the place, and I would hear Bonnie giggle. After it was over, she told me I was very animated, I asked her if I hit her because I remember pointing a lot! And also showing her my seashells for some reason! It was funny.

Today as I think back, I am much calmer. This was an amazing experience and I realize that my life is just how it’s meant to be and how I am to live and experience it now. No great moves, no great losses. Love with all I have. With great love and great friends in it. Without the direction and assistance of Bonnie guiding me through my past lives I feel I would be still wondering who I am and where I came from. And now I know, and I feel truly blessed and thank her for that. Thank you Bonnie!!! This was truly and amazing experience!!!!

Robin Zimmerman

Let me first mention how awesome it is to have a Health & Wellness Center like Bonnie’s available to the community and for anyone out of state looking or needing wholesome holistic healing. The Health & Wellness center was very accessible & once I walked in, I was greeted by Bonnie & also, a great sense of peace that seemed to wrap all around me – just like a giant hug – I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a single tear at this moment. We are off to a good start! I honestly didn’t know what to expect from a Past Life Regression, but I knew someone who had a reading and was curious to see if there would be anything I could learn or acknowledge why I am or do the things I do. 

Initially, I wondered if I could be hypnotized, but Bonnie did her thing & was able to steer me through a few different times/periods of my past lives. Please note: when you are moving through a reading like this, it is easy to question what you are seeing & experiencing – good thing Bonnie was there to help build the confidence I needed so I could see and reveal more details. After the reading, Bonnie will provide you with a recording of your session. What is beneficial about the recording is that you can access your reading anytime, giving you whatever time you need to analyze and/or research information you’d like to dig into more. When in Bonnie’s presence, you quickly realize what a great human, spiritual being, teacher, and mentor she is. I recommend Bonnie & the beautiful Holistic Health & Wellness Center to anyone needing healing to help potentially change their lives. That goes for anyone curious about holistic healing – take the step, reach out to Bonnie & learn more about the holistic services the center offers or schedule a Past Life Regression; you won’t regret it!

Heather Landolt

Bonnie is a wonderfully talented practitioner! She worked with my goals of partnering on the session instead of reading a script. She was able to help me go deeper into the session by asking more in-depth questions which resulted in a more profound experience. Bonnie would be perfect for empaths who are looking to ask more esoteric questions related to broader spiritual themes. I highly recommend Bonnie and H3 Hypnosis/Holistic Health and Wellness Center. Healing and spiritual learning are so needed these days!


Why do I do some of the things I do?? Why I was the way I was?? My
likes & dislikes.. My different interest throughout life.. I just questioned so much about my life. One past life regression session with Bonnie answered so many why’s & ifs in my life. I was nervous at first, but once Bonnie explained and reassured about the session I was relaxed, felt safe. There were so many things that happened in my past life that answered all the questions my life held. My Higher self answered so amazingly so that now I understand myself more. It was exhilarating to say the least. Very Invigorating.. Thanks Bonnie make sense now on so many levels.

Tina S

I have always said my daughter was an “old” soul. She showed maturity at a very young age and is fascinated with the idea of past lives. But that is not here our story is. That is not what makes our experience with Bonnie at H3 Hypnosis so special.

Two years ago my daughter was diagnosed with several rare genetic autoimmune disorders: Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS), Postural Orthostatic Hypotension (POTs), Reynaud’s, and Chronic Pain (CRPs). What this means for her is that her joints constantly ache, her ribs subluxate/dislocate regularly, and most days it is all she can do to climb out of bed. She is a patient at the University of Iowa’s Stead Children and Families’ Hospital. Every day is a battle and she chooses to fight. She has tried auricular therapy, nerve blocks, and medications. She has a team of about twenty doctors, nurses, and P.A.s. We also understand that whatever career path she chooses needs to be sustainable for her body. Because although she looks young, beautiful, and healthy on the outside, inside her body is like that of someone elderly.

Her session: Bonnie made us feel welcome and at ease. After my daughter’s session, she needed time to process her two past lives which (interestingly enough) consisted of sickness – we suspect one was the Spanish Flu pandemic – and loss.

The past life’s regression therapy is heavy stuff. I don’t know all the nitty-gritty details of my daughter’s session because it can be personal and I respect that. (She was excited and shared quite a bit later.) What I do know is that something unbelievable happened and THIS is why I highly recommend H3 hypnosis: A month after the session I asked when her next nerve block was scheduled because I thought she was overdue. Her reply shocked me. “I’m fine. I haven’t had pain since I did the past lives thing.”

I know that results like this are not guaranteed. However, when you have a teenager who is learning how to handle chronic pain and she says that? Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been a little over two months now and we still have not scheduled that nerve block. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it.

I know this sounds unbelievable. We went into this appointment for enjoyment purposes and possible information on who we are as people. At the same time, we also knew there was potential for healing. I just never expected or dreamt of my daughter’s results. Bonnie Slykhuis is helping her live her best life. What are you waiting for? Call H3 Hypnosis!

Julie Fridinger

Hello to those of you who have had an opportunity to experience a past life regression with Bonnie Skykhuis in Knoxville, Iowa. My daughter has had a few sessions with Bonnie and I've seen a complete change in her lifestyle. She's lost weight, is walking at least 5 miles a day and has made new friends. She's laughing a lot and having the time of her life...something that has been missing from her life for years. As for me, my daughter convinced me to have a regression done. My problem was that I felt as if I was in a constant state of grieving and suffered severe panic attacks since childhood. Always weeping and repeating my sad experiences to my kids. Needless to say, they said I was a buzz kill...and I was. I couldn't snap out of it. It's been a few weeks now since my session and the weeping and sadness is gone. I feel free. All I want to do now is listen to the birds sing in the morning, watch my flowers bloom and remember all the wonderful blessings in my life. Thank you Bonnie for pulling me out of my darkness and leading me back into the light.

Patricia F. – 7/2/2023

Past Life Regression FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I remember the regression? Most clients remember everything about their session while others only remember parts. Some clients remember everything up to the point we begin talking to the Higher Self then remember nothing after that. Because there is so much information that comes through (images, feelings, sounds, impressions) during a session beyond what is shared in the moment the client will continue to recall information for several days afterward.

Am I guaranteed to visit a past life? There are no guarantees that you will visit a past life. If you have a firm belief that past lives do not exist, if you focus on analyzing the experience, if you are hesitant or fearful, or come with a specific outcome in mind you create blocks for yourself which doesn’t allow the mind to surrender to the experience. The vast majority of clients do experience a past life. Some, due to current life issues that need attention, end up re-experience events in their current life rather than going to a past life. I believe the mind takes you where you need to go for healing. A very small percentage for various reasons encounter blocks that don’t allow them to visit a past life.

Will I get a refund if I don't visit a past life? We do not issue refunds. We try our very best to get the client to visit a past life but we are also not in control, the client is at all times. Remember, we cannot make anyone become hypnotized or make them do anything they are not willing to do. We guide you through the process. In addition, we have invested our time in your session.

Can I choose which past life I want to experience? No, your mind will take you to the most relevant lifetime for what current healing that needs to take place. Interestingly enough when visiting more than one lifetime there is often a common theme or message that is revealed to assist with a current life question or issue.

Will I see myself die in a past life? Yes, we take you up to the day of your death, through the death phase and to the other side (heaven). You will be able to experience your death without pain, reflect on it and then be able to look back at that life from the “other side” with greater clarity.

Is there evidence that past lives are real? Yes, some clients have been able to verify names, events and other details from their session in historical records. There are also many documented accounts that past lives are real in books such as Old Souls by Tom Schroder, Soul Survivor by Andrea Leininger and Bruce Leininger, Past Lives Future Healing by Sylvia Browne, Many Lives Many Masters, by Brian L. Weiss, Children’s Past Lives by Carol Bowman, and many more.

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