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Lean: Continuous Process Improvement

Lean is a methodology that helps organizations of all types improve efficiency, customer service, quality, and helps employees to work smarter and not harder. Many of the tools we today identify as Lean manufacturing were developed by Toyota Motor Corporation after World War II.  Manufacturing companies were the first to utilize  the tools and techniques in the U.S. and because of their success it has expanded to all other business types including education, service, government and more.  Bonnie specializes in helping organizations to ​

  • Introduce Lean to employees to establish awareness and common terminology

  • Address specific problems within the organization (i.e. process inefficiencies, space organization, etc.)

  • Train internal facilitators/trainers

  • Deliver ongoing training


Our Training Activities


The following training modules are designed for companies interested in scheduling training for their employees. Training can be held onsite at the client's location.  Most modules can be customized to meet the organization's needs and we can also design new modules upon request. Contact us to discuss your training needs today. 

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