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Comedy Hypnosis

H3 Comedy Beginnings

"I was a hypnosis skeptic until I saw what they could do. Super entertaining to watch!"

– Sarah Croteau

When Bonnie and Jenny, sisters and cofounders of H3 Hypnosis, first took to the stage as professional hypnotists in 2012, they were a comedy hypnosis duo with dreams of providing clean, funny entertainment in their community and beyond. 

Nearly a decade later, Jenny and Bonnie are joined by their older sister, Kim, and her children, Scott and Melissa, to create a team of professional hypnotists guaranteed to get you laughing and provide entertainment you'll never forget. 

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What to Expect

Shows range from 60-90 minutes

Content is tailored to fit the audience

Group and individual skits that are highly entertaining and are never embarrassing to the participants or to the audience

Comical post-hypnotic suggestions and motivational messages to all participants

An Incredible Time!

It was an incredible time, and can’t wait to see them again!


The show was fantastic, flawless!

Funny and Well-Priced

They were amazing with our East Union kids at after Prom. They started with 20 kids and only one didn’t stay under. It was so funny. They are very reasonable on price. They even donated
some money back to our school. I was very impressed. The kids loved them!!!

Involved Everyone

I had a fantastic time being hypnotized by you guys. You made it fun, you involved everyone,
and I would definitely go to you again!

Safety Prioritized

I attended two H3 hypnosis session, hosted at Drake University. Throughout the sessions, the safety of the participants was a clear priority. It was also fun and funny to both watch and

Fun Entertainment

Very delightful outing with good friends and fun entertainment.

An Absolute Blast

It was a really fun and welcoming environment. The show was an absolute blast!

Awesome Night

I would highly recommend [H3] for any event or any age. I wasn’t sure that all our friends thought it was a good idea to have a hypnotist at the birthday party, but I can assure you, after it was over, that is all they talked about for days. And months later, we still tell stories about that awesome night!

Pleasantly Surprised

I didn’t have any expectations but was pleasantly surprised. You had the kids doing funny
things without letting it get out of control. It was our first annual gathering at Springbrook Park
and it made the night even better! I would definitely recommend you to others.

An Incredible Time!

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